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4 Fastest Growing Occupations in the Green Collar Sector

Green jobs are expected to grow further as global efforts to combat the climate crisis intensify in the next few years. Many of these green collar occupations are projected to be generated in the sectors considered as critical for climate adaptation and mitigation. The fastest growing jobs, per sector, are the following:

Energy Sector

The global transition from carbon-emitting fossil fuels to renewable energy sources and alternative fuels is still anticipated to generate the largest volume of green jobs for the next few years. As financing and support for renewable energy projects become more accessible to both developed and developing countries, the construction of renewable energy infrastructure such as wind farms, hydroelectric plants and geothermal plants will increase rapidly around the globe. The construction and operation of these generation plants will require entire armies of engineers and technicians. Planning and preparation for such projects will also require an ever-increasing number of project consultants, project managers and environmental analysts for the conduct of environmental impact assessments and feasibility studies.

Water Sector

Water availability and water sufficiency are said to be among the most critical and urgent issues related to the environment and global climate change. Hydrologists and other water experts will be much needed to address these water-related impacts. Technicians and engineers will also be required for waste water treatment plants as well as flood control systems. Water resource specialists and analysts, on the other hand, are strongly needed for the production and implementation of water management plans, particularly in the more arid regions. Rainfall catchment and collection technology will also be gaining wider attention, thus requiring more adept technicians, installers and designers for such rainfall collection systems.

Agricultural Sector

As the agricultural sector encounters more challenges in the form of erratic rainfall, depleted freshwater sources and soil erosion, new careers and jobs are expected to sprout out. The agricultural sector needs to adapt to newer techniques that are environmentally friendly as well as resource efficient. The global drive for environmentally-friendly biofuels is still rising by monumental proportions, thus pushing the production of biofuel crops. Among the fastest growing occupations for this sector are agronomists, animal scientists, and soil scientists.

Architecture and Urban Planning

The demand for sustainable and energy-efficient buildings has been growing within urban centers from all over the world. Many corporations have now adopted "greener" policies which also trickle down to the choices that they're making for the construction of their business infrastructure, offices and buildings. Solar panels are now being installed to more residences than before and city governments are also adapting greener strategies for urban planning. A strong market presently exists for the following occupations: green architects, parks/urban/land use planners, small-scale solar-powered energy system technicians and installers.

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