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There are many opportunities to turn a regular engineering degree into a high powered green career. Becoming a certified carbon auditor is one way. You don't only need to have an engineering background to become a carbon auditor.

A degree in engineering, architecture, business or a related field is necessary to achieve certification through the Association of Energy Engineers. Or you can also qualify if you are a certified Energy Manager (CEM). To be a CEM you need to qualify with any of these; 4 year engineering degree with 3 years experience or 4 year business or related field with 5 years of experience or 2 years of technical school with 8 year experience or 10 years of verified experience.

Once you are qualified, you will need to take either an online or in person seminar. Additionally a certification exam will need to be passed. All together the seminar and exam will cost you around $1400-$1500. It is well worth the money.

Carbon Auditor Resources

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I’ve helped “real live” entrepreneurs – men and women who are “in the trenches” building their own carbon brokering businesses—create tremendous results. I’ve worked with – and have delivered extraordinary results for – some of the most successful.

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