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Carbon Trader

A carbon trader is one who takes the carbon credits from one company or organization and sells them to those who have exceeded their government imposed limits. Those companies that emit less carbon through diligent eco-awareness and practices, for instance will have carbon credits that they can sell to the highest bidder. The carbon trader is then the one that facilitates this deal for a piece of the resulting profit.

What is the Growth Potential of this Industry?

A survey by Acre Resources found "the number of specialists working in climate change, including carbon traders, analysts and project managers tripled between 2006-2007. Most of these new jobs have been in Dubai, the United Kingdom and the United States and is considered the fasted growing job sector of the moment." (Copeland, 2008)

What this means is that more people are now aware of what is being done to the planet and more people are getting involved for change. As businesses work, to meet their lowered carbon cap for face heavy fines or potential shut down, the carbon trading industry will boom.

What does it take to Be a Carbon Trader?

This is going to be a fast paced, multi-billion dollar industry for many years to come, so the ability to handle high pressure, high stake deals is an absolute must. The best candidates are probably those who have had success in banking, stock or other trading markets, but want to get in on the ground floor of a booming industry. Investment bankers and financial advisers would be good choices to move into the carbon trading industry.

What are the Risks?

Carbon trading is a relatively new concept in the United States and like all new ventures that carries some risks, you have to be willing to go where the money is, and in this case that is wherever the big industries are. You have to be willing to see the deal and then go for it, regardless, and even though you may be giving up a safe and steady job for one that does not pay off as anticipated.

Who is the Target Audience of this Industry?

All companies who know that they cannot make their carbon caps and still clear a profit, will be looking to buy carbon credits. Some industries are going to have a harder time than others staying below the cap, that is a given. Those are the targeted market- big industries that have no hopes of staying below the cap and still have a profit to remain in business with.

Who are the Competitors?

When the market finally does explode across the world, the competition will be fierce. The people who are willing to get in and fight for the right deal every single day are the ones who will ultimately have the best success. It will take a shrewd business mind and keen eco-awareness and the desire to bring the two together, to succeed.

References: Michael V. Copeland, Senior Writer. Earth Friendly Jobs Aren't Just About Organic Farming and Installing Solar Panels. posted April 17, 2008 at , retrieved September 1, 2009

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