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Five Fastest Growing Green Jobs

If you thought 2009 was a year that green took over than think again. The next 10 years the green industry is supposed to experience a 1.5 trillion dollar growth. ( This year is expected be no different. Green will continue to take over and shape not only the household cleaners we use, but the jobs we have. The Pew Charitable Trusts has already shown that green job growth is well under way. Here are five green careers that are not new, but are being completely reinvented. If you want to keep a competitive advantage in the work force, one must learn how these top growing jobs are "going green." These green fields, according the Bureau of Labor Statistics(, are expected to see a growth from 6 to nearly 30%.

Teacher- Teaching is not what it once was. The field is supposed to expand by almost 20% in the coming years. Weaving green practices into the classroom is becoming more common place. Many schools have joined with companies to make the entire facility electrically run by wind or geothermal energy. Science teachers are of the most in demand in the teaching arena.

Becoming a teacher involves a college diploma and generally a teaching certificate. If you are an out of work professional you may want to consider getting a teaching certificate. While the full degree may cost you around $8 to $20 thousand a year, a teaching certificate may cost around half.

In order to really save money, you might want to consider community college first. This will allow you to take general education classes at a much more affordable price. Don't forget that there are plenty of student loans available through the Federal Government( ). A guidance counselor to the college will be able to point you in the right direction.

Environmental Engineer- One of the hardest hit fields in the recent recession has been engineering, mostly because of the auto industry. Fortunately, this degree has numerous applications in the green field. Environmental engineers are expected to see a 30% increase in jobs over the next ten years. They will be vital in the wind and solar fields. In addition, environmental engineer technician and civil engineers should see a 25% growth. If you are looking for a job in this field, a great place to start is the American Academy of Environmental Engineers ( You may also want to plug yourself into the Association of Energy Engineers ( They have training for engineers to become energy auditors.

Heating and Cooling Installer- If you are looking for a great green job and not interested in the college route, then heating and cooling is a great field. It is expected to have over 28% in growth in the coming years. What is really interesting about this particular field is that you can have fun in the green arena. Being able to install an extremely efficient solar water heater can not only put more money in your pocket, it will save the customer money in the long term and help them go green. Installers are able to take some of the most cutting edge energy saving products and put them into use right away. This job has an immediate green result. Another reason for the huge growth is that the United States Green Building Council and the US Government continue to require businesses to have more energy efficient buildings. Heating and cooling play a big role in energy saving. For a more specialized training, look into geothermal. One of these heating and cooling appliances can give you a leg up on competition. One particular training provider is the GeoExchange ( They will help you find the programs to get you started today!

Arborist- If you want to get a green job outdoors then this is the career for you. There are many variations of this job. Tree trimmers/ pruners / landscapers are expected to see over a 26% growth. This green field requires only a good eye and a steady hand. It does not get greener than trimming and making sure that trimming and landscaping are done in an ecological fashion. If you want to put a twist, you can specialize in shading the property to ensure that they owner can get save on electricity by not having to use it as much. A good tool that can give you a broad view of the career is Arbor Day( ).

Mechanical Engineer- Mechanical engineering will hold the careers of tomorrow. However, you don't have to wait that long to start in this green field. Nearly all of the field such as wind and solar need these engineers. Mechanical engineers can apply their expertise to wind turbines and to building solar panels. You will need a four year engineering degree to start in these fields. If you have your degree, there are three great websites that you must keep on top of: American Wind Energy Association (, Solar Energy Industries Association(, and the American Solar Energy Society(

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