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Green Commuter Couriers

Many businesses do as much as they can by email, text and mobile phones these days. There are some items that cannot be texted or emailed however and the decision must be made to use couriers.

What type of background is needed for the business?

A great knowledge of the city and the area is necessary. Any shortcuts that you know will come in handy. The faster and better that you perform your runs, the more likely you will be to get more calls. Making a name for yourself as the best in the business can be important especially if you are competing against a number of other couriers.

What are the necessary skills?

To be a green courier, green transportation methods are a must. The most typical courier type is the bike courier which requires stamina and endurance. Other options could include those with hybrid cars as well.

Who is the target market?

Any company that might need to get an item moved from point A to point B but would rather not harm the environment to accomplish this task.

What is the start up costs?

To be a bike courier you simply need a good bike, a basic repair kit, advertising materials and a lot of calf muscle. However, you may find yourself swimming along the bottom of the pool in a really large area, competing against those who have big, established services and many couriers in their firms. In a smaller area, you might be the only one of your kind meaning that you will either have limited work or so much work that you will have to hire employees quickly or be unable to keep up. Estimating the cost of a good bike at between $500-$2500, a basic repair kit at around $100 and the cost of cell phone service and marketing at around $300 per month, your start up costs could be $900- $3000.

Who is the competition?

In a large urban area, you will be facing competition from other courier companies- some of them larger and more established than yours. In a smaller area the competition may be reduced, but the potential for work may be reduced as well.

Where can you start this business?

The more businesses in the area, the more likely you are to find people who might need a courier service in the first place. Larger urban areas may already have all of the services of this type that the market could bear so a good market analysis would be necessary to gauge the need and interest in a new service, no matter what is offered.

What are the risks?

The risks are simple: you face being just another service in an area that has too many, or a unique entity in an area that does not have a large enough need for your service.

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