Green Careers Guide

Guidance for Finding your Perfect Career

With the ever changing economy, life can be scary. Everything we hear these days is about going green and the new green economy. 15% of the population changes jobs every year, you are not alone. What does it all mean? Let's take a minute, Stop… and Breath.

Now take our hand and let us help you. In order to figure out where you fit into the green economy, we must define it. Then you will have a leg up on how to conquer it.

Any job that is environmentally friendly can be considered a green job. Companies are hiring green experts to help them go green. Places are switching over left and right.

We will walk you through different careers and jobs that you may have never thought or hear of.


  • Relax; remember we are right here with you.
  • What are you passionate about? Ex. Let's say you like the new energy field; manufacturing solar panels may be in your future.
Make a list of
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses

Knowing yourself is key to finding what direction in the green economy you should go into.

  • Make a list of what you currently are qualified to do, be specific


-Grab some coffee (We prefer ours with sugar and crème).

Lay out your lists in front of you. (Keep them and file them away)

  • Analyze your strengths, weaknesses and qualifications Ask yourself some questions
  • Do I need more education?
  • What type of education do I need?
  • Should I be looking at Universities or trade Schools?

Keep these questions in mind when we are looking at different career options

But Remember…Whatever your background, a green career IS for YOU!


Grab a snack.

Dive in and let's get to the learning!

Read, Read, Read through all the jobs, remember, we update all the time, so there may be some that you miss, check back often.

Learn all about the different choices available to you. There will be a lot, it can be overwhelming


Take a minute to stretch, do some yoga

Now go through the careers and jobs that you have been reading about. Pick five that seem the most interesting to you.

Write them down on a list.


Hang in there; you are close to finding the green career of your dreams!

Compare your strengths and qualifications list to the list of careers.

See if the lists mach up, they may, they may not. As long as your strengths and likes are found within a careers, than you are in good shape.

NOTE: Don't be afraid of the qualifications. Yes the thought of going back for more education is scary, but it is worth it. Learning new things is good, now matter what age you are starting at.


Almost there…

Get you cover letter together and start applying for jobs. If you don't want to work for someone else, it may be time to be your own boss. Starting your own green business is easier that ever.

Remember: "It's your future, Grab the green life!"

Click over to the other guidance articles for more help on searching qualifications, resume writing or for starting your own business.
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