Green Careers Guide

Guidance for Training

Do you have some jobs picked out that you like? Good!

It is time to explore together training and education.

Going green is a relatively new idea. While most universities have some sort of environmental degree, it is far from complete. Very few have actual "Green" degrees.

Don't want to go to college? Why not start a career through a trade school.



These are specialized schools that focus on one specific topic. In the past these trade schools have been for people going into selling health insurance, or going to beauty school.

Not Anymore

We will show you how these schools are being used to train people for the new green economy.

Are you excited?

Good, So are we…


Determine whether you need training for the careers you are looking into.

  • Do I need training?
  • What type of training do I need?
  • Do I need a university degree, trade school degree, or can I just jump in.

Note: Let's say you already have a trade. For example: You already install heating elements in pools. Turning that trade into a green trade is simple. You can easily transform yourself into a solar panel installer.

However, most degrees or trades will require some additional education.


What if I don't have any degree or any trade?

  • Well than we are here with you to walk you through the process


Read through the qualification of the job.

If you like the way it looks, prepare you resume, grant, or business proposal and lets go get that green career.

It's Your Future, Grab the Green Life

Need help with your cover letter, grant writing and resumes, lets go over to the next guidance section. If you have not read about finding the perfect career click here.

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