Green Careers Guide

Guidance for Starting your Business/ Career

We have finally almost made it to our goal. Getting the green career we have always wanted!

Let's learn together how we can get that job.


Writing a perfect cover letter and resume are essential.


Cover letters allow our potential employers to know who we are. These may be things beyond the resume. Many times cover letters can determine whether or not our employer will even read our resume.

  • Make it easy to read and make sure it looks good.
  • We need to make sure that our English is proper and that all the spacing on the page is perfect. The cover letter shows who you are, let's show them that we can spell.

Our first paragraph (address it to the person hiring) will get the person who is reading the letter to read more. Show that you understand what the company is and what it does. Pick one thing about yourself that will suit the need of the company.

Our body paragraph will tell the employer know what our strengths are (this should be easy since we determined that back while we were looking for the green job). We are basically selling ourselves and our traits, pick good ones.

Our final paragraph will ask for the interview. Assuming that we have impressed them enough at this point, they should be happy to give us that interview. Please remember we have to be polite. Let's let the company know that we will be following up with them (don't forget to follow up).

Of course, end your letter with "sincerely yours"

Sound simple enough?

Ask a friend or relative for a fresh set of eyes.


Our resumes are the details about our experience and schooling. We thought the best way to get our resumes done was to turn to an already great source, How To Write a Resume dot net. Here are the eight basic points to consider. Put your technical skills first, in today's computer age, our employers need to know that we are able to use Microsoft or other programs. Put the qualifications that are most applicable to the position we applying to above other qualifications. Remember that we are showcasing why we are good for their company.

For this next part, pull out a thesaurus. Make sure that your use action words. Be clear and concise. Don't go overboard and offer information that is not necessary for our employers to know.

Resume complete. Good

Take it to a friend or relative for a fresh pair of eyes.

Let's go get that job.


What if I have no interest in working for anyone other than myself?

The green boom is on the verge of taking off. You have picked a great time to be adventurous. You have many options available, grants, banks, and websites.

Finding grants is easy. We hope that you will take advantage of our grant section. The government is determined to give people opportunities to start their own business.

If you have a great idea, take it the old fashioned route and take it down to the local bank. If you are sure of the idea than the bank may help you out a little.

Our favorite option is starting your own business on the web. Starting your very own website is now easier than ever. There are so many sites that make it easy to turn your ideas into a reality. You may not even need to know computers at all. We use SiteSell for our site and we love it. As the new green economy rolls on so does the growth of the internet.

It's your future, Grab the green life.

If you missed the other two guidance sections, click here for finding the perfect job and here for training.

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