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Holistic/ Alternative Medicine Business Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Take some time to explore and discover some great business ideas. Wind power not only lends itself to some green green jobs, it can open up some entrepreneurial opportunities for you.

A Green Business for the Health Conscious: An Overview of Starting A Sauna Business

Today, the benefits of a sauna spa include lowered blood pressure, temporarily increased heart rate which leads to burning calories and weight loss from perspiring. The heat from the sauna opens your pores and the sweat helps to flush toxins from the skin and increase muscle relaxation. Patients who suffer from arthritis can benefit from using a sauna. One of the main attractions is the fact that saunas provides relaxation, eases metal stress and dissolves the worries of modern life. >More

Holistic Health Center

A holistic health practitioner analyzes all aspects of symptoms when taking care of a patient. Not only do they check the physical symptoms of an illness, but the mental and spiritual as well. The holistic health center is not just a place get a quick prescription of antibiotics or other medicine. >More

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