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Solar Business Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Take some time to explore and discover some great business ideas. Solar power not only lends itself to some green green jobs, it can open up some entrepreneurial opportunities for you.

Green Career Choices: Solar and Wind Sales Firm


A marketing report released by Business Communications Company of Norwalk, Connecticut in August of 2005 predicted that the various storage systems of the world would be over twelve billion dollars by the end of 2010. (Source: Power Electronics This figure was generated using a growth factor of 5.9% at the time of the completed report. An aggressive salesman with both solid figures and the knowledge to back up his pitch could have an unlimited salary depending on the area of the world as well as the state of the local economy. >More

Green Career Choices: Solar Panel Installer


As more and more people work toward saving the environment in any way that they can, more will turn to the alternative energy sources that are in place to do their share. For most of these people, solar energy is one of the first thoughts that they will have and probably one of the safest and easiest ways to lessen their dependence on other, less eco-friendly energy sources. >More

Solar and Wind Powered Boat Manufacturer


In some areas of the country, boats are the king. People spend much of their time on the water and talk in nautical terms. Their whole year centers around the boating season and they can't wait until it is time to pull the boat out of dry dock for the first time every year. For these people, buying a new boat is not something they might do; it is something they absolutely must do. Building these boats can be very damaging to the environment unless there is an alternative to the regular manufacturers available to them. >More

Wind, Solar and Hydro R & D Firm

Wind Turbine

There are many ways for people to incorporate alternative energy sources into their lives. The three main types are solar, wind and hydro power. Science is constantly coming up with new and better ways to use these power sources, and they send these ideas to other firms for further testing, development and if necessary, changing so that they are eventually ready to go to the consumers. Some large corporations have these departments already in place while others will have to send their concepts to outside R & D firms.>More

Solar Oven Bakery


When people think of bakeries, they think of soft pillowy mounds of melt in your mouth breads, gooey cakes and beautifully decorated cookies. They do not often think of the type of energy that goes into baking those creations. However, many bakery owners have thought about the type of energy and many of them are unable or unwilling to remain in business with the rising costs of their fuel sources. For many, turning to solar ovens was not only the most eco-conscious thing to do, it was the only thing keeping them from closing their doors for good. Running a solar oven bakery is not that much different from running any other type of bakery because in the end, it's all about the cookies. >More

Solar Generator and Solar Oven Rentals at Campgrounds

Solar Panel

With fewer people taking lengthy, far off vacations, a camping trip is becoming the destination of choice. While they are there, many people would like to continue living in the green manner they are used to but they do not want to have to haul everything along. Being able to rent solar generators and/or solar ovens at the campgrounds that they are heading to can be a big bonus. Renting these items may also be a way to recruit new families to the green army after they find out how easy it is to use and how much money they could be saving once they get back home. >More

Green Lighting Designer

Solar Panel

First, what does a lighting designer do, besides the very obvious? A lighting designer is called in for the construction of a large office or other type of building to design the lighting scheme for efficiency, ambience and for flair. Depending on the size of the building project, the lighting designer may incorporate one main design for the entire project or may break the design into smaller projects that complement and flow into one another. Using someone who is a green lighting designer is important, even vital if the completed project has hopes to being certified as a green building. >More

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