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Tower Climber Schooling Training

As the United States looks towards a clean energy future, the construction of a smart grid will play a big role. In order to construct this grid there will be a lot of electricians, engineers and tower climbers. Tower climbers will play a very important role in the green economy. The ability to climb and install new power lines is a very good skill to have.

To become a climber you will need to be certified. Once you are certified you will have a couple of options. You can become an independent contractor or, you can work for a power or phone company. To get certification you should look into ComTrain LLC. They have standard and advanced training available. Certification can cost around $1000 and up. Keep in mind that the training is very short and they you can start you job search.

If you are looking to become an independent contractor, than you will need to own all your equipment. This equipment can be expensive. Make sure to plan your budget accordingly. Also, because of the inherent danger involved in tower climbing, you will need to have insurance as well. In the next few years, this career will be in high demand.

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